Capital Punishment Is Necessary

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“Over 500,000 murderers, convicted and undetected, are living in America today” (Death Penalty 55). Keeping the death penalty upheld and established in all states would greatly decrease that number. Something must be done to keep citizens safe and to keep the murder rates low. Capital Punishment is a rightly justified penalty because it is moral retribution, constitutional, and it deters crime. One reason that Capital Punishment is just is the idea that it is moral retribution to the murderer. According to David Gelernter, the death penalty supporter’s view is that the main goal in executing murderers is to make a point that murder is completely intolerable in today’s society. The purpose is not to avenge or else the victim’s…show more content…
Urban states are more likely to have higher crime rates than those of rural states that might not have capital punishment (Deterrent Effects). Therefore, all evidence and moral logicality points to the death penalty as a deterrence of crime. Abolitionists make a case that the death penalty is unconstitutional based on the 8th amendment that prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. According to Antonin Scalia, the Constitution is enduring and means what it meant when it was adopted. It was obviously permitted when the 8th amendment was created so it should be allowed today (Opposing Viewpoints 17) The U.S. still uses the Constitution to govern this nation with all types of social issues though the death penalty is wrong according to some. The death penalty was permitted in the constitution, so Capital Punishment is constitutional. Pojman makes a statement that some abolitionists argue that the death penalty goes against the Bill Of Rights because death in the electric chair is “immoral and unconscionable” but this seems too good to be true for someone who unashamedly ignored the harmless victims blood that was shed(Debating Death 52). The electric chair is a justifiable punishment for someone who blatantly murdered the victim and left family with huge emotional and financial problems so it is not unconstitutional but completely justified. One source states “ The US Supreme Court has long held that a penalty
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