Capital Punishment Is Not A Better Than Life Imprisonment

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Capital punishment is the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime. Although capital punishment is wrong and is the killing of a human being, capital punishment is legal in thirty-two of the fifty states in the United States, meaning that the other eighteen states outlaw it as a punishment for crime. States that capital punishment is legal in all have different guidelines for what is punishable by death, but mostly murder or other capital offenses are what is punished. Capital punishment is not a better answer than life imprisonment. Capital punishment is wrong because there is a possibility of killing an innocent or mentally ill person, there is no evidence that it is deters crime, the cost is extremely expensive, and there is inconsistency in choosing a punishment for crime. Many people have been sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit. Innocent people are put to death more often than people would assume. The results from “a recent study by Columbia University Law School found that two thirds of all capital trials contained serious errors” (Arguments), which could eventually lead to a potentially innocent person being put to death if the error of the case was not caught before the time of execution. If the error is caught and the person is proven innocent while they are still on death row, they will be released and free to go back to their normal lives outside of prison, but not all falsely accused people are that lucky. Even

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