Capital Punishment Is The Most Severe Form Of All Sentencing

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Capital Punishment
Directed Research: CCJ 2910
Instructor: Dr. Neal
Jaresia Marks

Capital punishment is the most severe form of all sentencing. It was first introduced in 1700 B.C. When written under the Code of Hammurabi by the sixth Babylonian king. The laws covered nearly all subjects but is well known for its law stating, “If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out.”("Birth of a," 2012) The death penalty was prescribed for about twenty-five crimes under the code, but murder was not on the list.(Reggio, 1997) Capital punishment has been around for a considerate amount of time, but continues to this day to be debated upon if it is constitutional to lawfully murder someone for their mischievous acts. Introduction During the fourteenth-century in England, a person could be executed for a crime as minor as disturbing the peace. As with policing in America, the death penalty was adopted into the American culture. ("Penal code," 2005) When the first colonists came to the land now known as the United States, they brought their court and prison system with them. A colonist in Virginia could be executed for crimes as small as stealing food or trading with the Indians. It wasn 't until the year 1608 that the first execution took place, Captain George Kendall was hung for the capital offense of treason.("Death penalty information," 2012) Among other serious capital crimes in colonial times were murder, rape, heresy
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