Capital Punishment Is Viewed With Two Different Thoughts

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Capital Punishment is viewed with two different thoughts, those for it and those against it. There are those who feel that it is not right to take another person’s life for it makes the system responsible for the death no better than the convicted murderer. The Catholic Church is on of this out there who opposes to the death penalty. “Over the past several decades, the Catholic Church has become an influential voice in the public debate about the death penalty(Klein).” Because of the influence the Catholic Church they can hold a lot of weight of in the discussion of Capital Punishment. The Catholic Church wants to protect the other side of those effected by Capital Punishment. “The Church’s position does not require an absolute…show more content…
In Alexie’s poem about capitol punishment he talks about how race is a large factor in who he [the narrator of the stoy] sees being sent to the execution chair (Alexie). “Yet only one study has examined whether race matters in the capital of capital punishment….death was more apt to be imposed against black defendants than white defendants…death was also more apt to be imposed on behalf of white victims than black victims. (McLaughlin).” While it was proven in a study their was only one study down all the way back into the 90’s. However, in todays world views it is not politically correct to discriminate against someone based on their skin color. “…death should not be imposed disproportionately against any group of defendants, nor should death be imposed disproportionately on behalf of any group of victims (McLaughlin).” In a 2013 case study by the bureau of statistics 56% were white and 42% were black (Snell). The race and sex
of inmates under sentence of death has remained relatively stable since 2000 (Snell). This helps provides that over time results can change and even show that reasons and views can change. With a controversial topic such as Capital Punishment nothing can truly be fact. These are questions that are difficult to answer like, when someone 's life is on the line, who can really be trusted to make the call? Is justice
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