Capital Punishment Of The United States

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Rogerian Essay: Capital Punishment There has been about 15,760 executions in the United States since 1700, (, but that is counting all types of executions, for example: burning, firing squad, hanging, gas, electrocution, injection, and others. Now looking from when the capital punishment was approved in 1976 (Death penalty Information Center), only 1,448 executions have been made. The capital punishment was made for “retribution, theory which demand for ‘tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye’ … if the criminal snatches liberty, peace, and lives… [they] should also be deprived of all these,” ( It was also made to help have a more pure society, by placing fear, “best method to prevent…show more content…
It is also believed that capital punishment is not a sufficient punishment. “Convicts should be awarded life imprisonment and should be tortured,” ( Finally, humans should be given a second chance, “Human are believed to be imperfect,” ( In order to make the capital punishment fair and reasonable, the United States has to reduce crime, to do this citizens have to know the law and its punishment for breaking the law. The FBI released the annual crime for 2015 and about 1.3% of violent crimes were murder. If students are taught in school about law, for example, have a class to teach them about all the crimes and their punishments, this will help reduce crime because mostly every individual will know the consequences of them committing a crime and have no excuse. Giving this class will help reduce crime, and in this case also reduce the death penalty, but there will still be some murderers out there, yet, maybe the percent of murder will reduce and be less than 1.3% and, these murderers will be executed, and have no excuse because they were told what was going to happen if they committed murder. Even something simpler can be done to help reduce the capital punishment, just simply respecting each other. The most common reasons for murder are: revenge, greed, hate, jealousy, political, class conflict, narcotics,
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