Capital Punishment Of The United States

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Capital Punishment in the United States
Lacey Wilzbacher
Princeton Community HS

Capital Punishment in the United States
Death Penalty also known as capital punishment is the harshest sentence that a criminal can receive from the court system for carrying out killings therefore one February 17, 2005 at 6 pm Cameron Todd Willingham was executed for the murder of his three children after serving twelve years in prison (Black 's Law Dictionary Free 2nd Ed. and The Law Dictionary, n.d). He was convicted mainly on assumptions made by professional fire scientists claiming he left his three daughters in the house to burn during the 1991 deadly house fire. Many fire chiefs have stated the fire was accidental, and others say it was set on fire but no one really knows what had taken place. The wife and mother of his three daughters left to pay bills and buy Christmas presents. As the fire began, Mr. Willingham was woken up by his screaming daughters. He said the house was filled with smoke, and he ran out the main door the struggling to get back in the burning house. Neighbors noticed that he wasn’t trying with his heart to save his kids, instead he saved his car before his own children. Evidence and the minor burns on his body have been proven he wasn’t giving his life to save his children (Mills & Possley, 2004). Since capital punishment was established it has been modified into different ways of executing. The method of the death penalty was passed down to…
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