Capital Punishment Of The United States Essay

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In our contemporary criminal justice system, capital punishment has been one of the most debated topic. Capital punishment is also known as the death penalty. It is a punishment by death of a person by the government, as a result of committing a vicious crime. The nature of the punishment raises a plethora of human-right case; therefore, it has led to its abolishment in many countries. In several countries, the ending of capital punishment against juveniles has been accomplished through enforcement if specific provisions of international agreements, which prohibit the execution of a juvenile. Although, Capital punishment for adults is allowed under international law, the execution of a juvenile is not tolerated. Almost every country in the world have ratified or sign the United Nation Convention on the right of a child treaty. The United States is the only country with a pending reservation to the Article forbidding the execution of juveniles. Juvenile capital punishment has been an active force in the United States for decades. Statistics show, most offenders were sentence to death row as a juvenile and later executed as an adult. Capital punishment for juvenile offenders appears to have forsaken by the United Nation Convention on the right of a child and other international agreements. History of Capital punishment in the U.S The practice of capital punishment for juveniles in the United States was originated from the English common law. The minimum age of a criminal
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