Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital Punishment

The death penalty has been an issue of debate throughout the world, from its establishment as a public display, to it’s banning, and through this day remaining controversial. In biblical times the death penalty was widely used in brutal inhumane ways such as crucifixion and stoning. This form of punishment spread throughout the world, eventually leading to Britain bringing this practice to America in the early 1800’s. Scholars such as Voltaire and Montesquieu began to write on the banning of this form of punishment, but during the times of war, capitol punishment opposition was and still is put on the backburner as a major public concern due to more urgent issues, such as slavery, or international terrorism
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(Nice) However, moral claims are complex because they are generally opinion based, which is why they must be thoroughly analyzed. Throughout the history of humanity, race has always been a divisor of opinion. Studies have found that minorities are less supportive for the use of the death penalty because killers of whites are more likely to be sentenced to death than killers of minorities. Blacks consist of 50% of those executed, while only comprising 10% of the population. (Nice) In a study of executions in the United States from 1995-2000, “44% involved African Americans, 20% involved Latinos, and 8% involved Asians and Native Americans,“ (Gallup). Minorities tend to be more concerned with the rights of the criminal and the unfairness of the courts, while whites look more at the effects of the criminals on the victim and tend to be more concerned with getting justice. However, this does not imply that as a whole whites are for this means of punishment. Class, location, beliefs, age, and political affiliations contribute to the difference of opinion for all people.

The wealthy class tends to have a split opinion on the issue. Some are in support because they desire to protect the wealthy life, while others oppose it because they put a higher value on life. (Young) The poor are in opposition to capital punishment because they are the ones that are most prone to receiving this sentence. They lack the money to

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