Capital Punishment Essay

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Getting Rid of the Death Penalty

Capital punishment was a corrective measure that was widely used all over the world. It is difficult to pin point the exact date of it's origin but it is a fact that it was practiced intensely during medieval times. Crimes have occurred probably since the beginning of time and therefore there was a need for a counter attack to minimize if not eradicate it completely. Laws were created for this purpose, but like everything man creates they have proved imperfect and in some cases entirely unacceptable.

In Britain, as James B Christoph[1] points out, the major cause for this trend was the social and economic chaos brought about by the Industrial Revolution. The spread of poverty as well as child
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Several variations occurred in different countries, for example in Denmark, it was more honorable to be executed by the sword than by the axe. In Sweden, beheading was carried out by axe, and in the case of a woman, after the execution, her body was cremated.

The guillotine, is thought to have been created shortly before the French Revolution.2[3] It consisted of two huge uprights between which a hatchet was placed, and erected on a platform reached by taking 24 steps up. The doomed was tied to a plank, kneeling down, exposing his head. A cord attached to the huge hatchet suspended it and when the time came, all the executioner had to do was cut the cord. Due to its impressive nature, the Constituent Assembly in France decreed that everyone condemned to death would be executed by this method. Once again, these forms of punishment prove too severe for any conceivable crime.

In present day society, with the introduction of human right for all, such a form of punishment is considered disturbing and so it should. This chapter in human history should not be forgotten though, because many people are still emotionally scarred for life be it friends or family of the unfortunate sufferers of this act. Instead, it should be known by all and past on to future generations so that even in the worst of times, such an act should never manifest itself in anyone who has the power to introduce it back into

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