Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital Punishment

During the past three decades capital punishment has been a very controversial issue in the United States. 1972 the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Furman v. Georgia that the death penalty was unconstitutional because it was a form of "cruel and unusual punishment." However, this decision did not last long; in July 1975 the Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment did not violate any parts of the Constitution. Executions as they had before 1972 resumed again. Since then 180 prisoners have been executed. The United States Supreme Court should abolish the death penalty because it is a form of "cruel and unusual punishment."
One of the major arguments of the anti-capital punishment movement is that it goes
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Evans was given three charges of electrocution over a period of fourteen minutes. After the first and second charges Mr. Evans was still conscious and smoke was coming from all over his body as a result of his flesh burning. An official there even tried to stop the execution on account of it being cruel and unusual punishment, but was unsuccessful. Witnesses later called the whole incident a "barbaric ritual." Another method of execution is the gas chamber; with this procedure a prisoner is put in a closed chamber and forced to inhale lethal fumes from a sulfuric acid and cyanide chemical reaction. According to a dissent by U.S. Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens concerning the 1992 execution of Don Harding, there did not seem to be any civilized aspect of the gas chamber method of executing prisoners. According to the report at first Harding tried to hold his breath inside the chamber, but was unsuccessful; when he finally inhaled some of the fumes his body started convulsing and the muscles and veins under his skin were twitching in a "wavelike motion." This execution took over eight minutes to complete and Mr. Harding was writhing in pain for most of that time. According to officials at the scene Harding did not fall unconscious until right before his death (Bedau).
The latest method of executing prisoners on death roll has been lethal injection. It is deemed not barbaric by many people because of the fact that it does not cause struggles or maim the

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