Capital Punishment

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Outline I. Religious Views a. Hinduism b. Jainism c. Buddhism d. Judaism and Christianity e. Islam II. Who a. Countries b. States c. Juveniles III. What Ways IV. Why, Laws Broken a. Laws about it b. Cost c. Wrongful accusation V. Increased Murder Rate VI. Conclusion Did you know, that according to a study at North Carolina State, a murder case cost 2.16 million dollars more with a death penalty then with a sentence of life imprisonment? It 's true! It is estimated that the death penalty cost the U.S. Judicial System an extra one billion dollars a year! It 's not only expensive, it 's wrong. The worst part is Juveniles are being executed. This is wrong because the human brain is not fully developed until the 20s.…show more content…
From 1999-2003, thirty-five juveniles were sentenced to death. Also note that just seven states have executed juvenile offenders since 1976. Since 2000, only three countries have executed juvenile offenders. These include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran and Pakistan. This making the U.S. the only country to still have it because all three other countries have either abolished it or are in the process of abolishing it since 2000. The leading methods of execution are hanging, stoning, beheading, shooting, electrocution, and lethal injection. Many countries retain hanging as the standard mode of execution. This style mostly occurs in the Mid-East and in Asia. Only six countries still stone criminals to death. Five countries use lethal injections; this is the most popular method in the United States, accounting for 58 out of 59 executions in 2004. The practice of the juvenile death penalty dates back to the 17th century, when a sixteen-year-old boy became the first juvenile sentenced to death. More than three centuries later, the Supreme Court established the age of sixteen as the minimum age for death sentences. In 1972, the Supreme Court banned the death penalty. Five years later it was reinstated, but with certain conditions. Only to be deterred with violent crime. Most offenders under the age of eighteen ore sent to juvenile courts. These are separate from regular criminal courts,
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