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Capital Punishment Matt Meeks Political Science Mr. Lawrence 16 November 2011 Matt Meeks 14 Mr. Lawrence POLS 1113 16 November 2011 Capital Punishment The justice system is a complicated area of government; not all states enforce the death penalty, because criminal punishment is a subject left for the states to decide (Banner, 2002). There are multiple methods of execution available to enforce the death penalty; different states enforce different methods, even multiple methods (Death Penalty Information Center, 2010). There are some people that argue the death penalty is a form of cruel and unusual punishment and should be prohibited by the constitution (Banner, 2002). According to the American…show more content…
The comparison between the United States Government's methods of execution and the methods of the past in other countries such as drawing and quartering and boiling people in oil, are not inhumane and have been hailed as quick and virtually painless, unlike the past methods (Bedau, 1997). A lot of individuals feel that the death penalty should be strictly the choice of the criminal. In context, the judge can only tell the convict whether or he or she qualifies for the death penalty, then the felon decides which available sentence he or she would rather. Generally people aren’t against the death penalty, just the idea of the capital punishment being decided for the criminal. Many people agree that the convict should have a say in whether or not his or her crime deserves a result of their execution (American Civil Liberties Union, 2011). Some argue that the death penalty is premeditated murder by the state in the name of justice; which raises these questions: “Where’s the justice in murdering the murderers,” (Mitchell, 2001)? “If the government prohibits these barbaric acts, why do they get away with the death penalty,” (Kronenwetter, 2001)? “Who are they to kill to other men, when they are killing the men, for killing other men,” (Mitchell, 2001)? “Is killing a guilty person any different than killing an innocent person?” “Does the death penalty apply to mentally retarded people,” (Kronenwetter, 2001)? “Is the
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