Capital Punishment Satire

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Capital Punishment The growing controversy over the morality of Capital Punishment, or more commonly known as ‘the Death Penalty’, has spurred debate between political figures and parties. The 2016 Democratic Party Platform outlines the plan to “... abolish the death penalty, which has proven to be a cruel and unusual form of punishment. It has no place in the United States of America” (2016 Democratic Party Platform 16). Republicans hold a different position, stating their dissatisfaction with the supreme Court’s “erosion of the right of the people to enact capital punishment in their states” in their 2016 platform (2016 Republican Platform 40). On the contrary, Political Party affiliation does not always guarantee complete support of the…show more content…
The interviewee also used the point highlighted by McCartin explaining the substantial cost difference between life sentences and death sentences. “At the end of the day, they are a criminal … my decision is definitely based on my economic views and I feel with the current economic crisis we face, a cost reduction in this area would be beneficial” (Subject B). She also believes a lot of Tea party conservatives want to cut too many necessary programs; however, this instance is not of the same importance to her because, “If they are someone who could be sentenced to the death penalty, they are the among the worst criminals of this country. Why waste money on them when it could be spent elsewhere” (Subject B). This mentality has been adopted by more Democratic politicians than Republican and has attributed to the shift in the Democratic platform from the 2012 platform which supported the death penalty if it not used “arbitrarily” (2012 Democratic…show more content…
Although Subject B claimed her decision was economic, she still came to this decision through her lack of a strong moral view in either direction of the political spectrum. Subject C felt morally, a criminal should be shown little mercy to promote a law abiding society which keeps people safe. Subject A, morally, felt killing was simply wrong and gave little benefit to society. He feels it is the moral obligation of society to give these people rehabilitation and to not stoop to the level of murder for which the criminal has been convicted. There must be more surveys and interviews done to make any conclusions which refer back to the population, but based on these responses alone and each subject’s political affiliation, there seems to be a connection between Political Party and view on Capital Punishment. The further left on the spectrum one goes, the more likely they are to support a life sentence over death, and the further right on the spectrum one goes, the more likely one would support the death penalty or even crueler practices similar to those proposed by Subject
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