Capital Punishment. . Sha Sha Aung Win. . . Class: Eng

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Capital Punishment

Sha Sha Aung Win

Class: ENG 1711-11
Professor: Mary Crispin

History of Capital Punishment
Capital punishment, also known as a death penalty, it has been around quite a while, longer than most of us would think. A death penalty used to be the only justice for almost all crime back in the seventh century B.C and it is call Draconian Code of Athens. However, there are so many centuries that practice death penalty. However, it was during the eighteenth century B.C when the king of Hammurabi of Babylon established the first death penalty laws also known as the Code of Hammurabi (an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; meaning the same amount of punishment to the offender as he or she acted on behave
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Also, in 1612, Sir Thomas Dale was the governor of Virginia passed a law which for those who caught stealing grapes, killing chickens, and trading with Indians would receive a capital punishment.
Laws changes on capital punishment throughout time. Also, it is depending on the ruler and the state you live in. There were so many reforms and debates throughout the American history regarding capital punishment. The state of Michigan was the first state that abolishes the death penalty for all crimes except treason, followed by Rhode Island and Wisconsin in 1846. If you look at it today, the state would pass its own laws so, some states don’t practice capital punishment. However, there are states that still practice capital punishment today. “Although some U.S. states began abolishing the death penalty, most states held onto capital punishment (History of the Death Penalty).”
Cost of Prisons The money governments spent on prison triple since 1980. The cost of person was 77 dollars per person a year back in 1980. However, in our time, each pay about 260 dollars a year on correction. All these costs did show some result regarding violent and property crimes; it declined by 45 percent during the past two decades because of prison system. However, there is a law for mandatory sentencing and repeat-offender laws and because of these law the government have to spent more money on prison. For each individual inmate, there are costs and benefits to

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