Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

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Capital punishment can simply be defined as a punishment by death. It is when an individual is convicted of a crime and is sanctioned to death.
In the United States, about 13,000 people have been legally executed since colonial times. In the United States capital punishment is legal in both the federal and military systems. It is considered to be the grimmest punishment on earth. Everyone has their opinion on the aptness of capital punishment and therefore has been a popular topic for discussion.
I believe capital punishment should be eradicated in the world, as a Christian I don’t believe in taking another mans life due to a crime being committed. The bible teaches us on love and forgiveness and I strongly object to capital punishment.
Every human being has a right to life whether you are criminal or not and no human has a right to infringe the right to life of any individual regardless of their deeds. Capital punishment is a death penalty, if a criminal is given a death penalty, the individuals right to life is being deprived of his or her right to life. In the society today, we have so many cases of individuals being condemned to death and later found innocent of the crimes they were being convicted for. We can see this in the case of Levon James.
In 1987, someone robbed and murdered Leamon Grady in North Carolina. Levon Jones was later convicted of the crime, and spent more than a decade in jail and was also put on North Carolina’s death row before finally being…
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