Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished Essay

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Capital punishment has been being practiced since about 1608, when William the Conqueror was in command. In the past, capital punishment was only used when a person had murdered another person. Today, capital punishment is one of the most controversial topics in the nation. People argue that it should be abolished because it is an inhumane way to die, although, it does not apply to everyone it 's extremely expensive to execute a person. If we abolish the death penalty psychologist wouldn 't have the opportunity to discover why they commit these crimes. On the other hand, people argue that it should still be practiced because it gives families closure when someone is murdered and they want to see the killer die so they know they wouldn 't be able to hurt anyone else. Capital punishment has many pros and cons to the practice, but in the end the cons outweigh the pros.
The usage of the death penalty should be stopped immediately for many reasons. One reason is that the death penalty costs taxpayers a tremendous amount of money. “The Legislative Auditor estimated the cost of a murder trial in which the death penalty was sought cost $1.03 to $1.3 million, whereas cases without the death penalty cost $775,000.” (Lochhead, 1) In Nevada some court cases that have death penalty as a possible solution cost approximately $250,000 taxpayer dollars more than just regular cases without the death penalty as a solution. “Florida spent an average of $3.2 million per execution.” (Herald, 1)

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