Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

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Death, a dark and mysterious activity, the ultimate price for committing a capital crime (SC #18). A jury selected at random decides the fate of the offender. Throughout history, the idea of capital punishment has been brought into question. The argument that always arises is if capital punishment should be abolished or not. Capital Punishment has an extensive history and a debatable future; reasons such as religion, morals, justice, and satisfaction have caused differing views among Americans, resulting in multiple sides and changing viewpoints. The idea of capital punishment has been around since the Eighteenth Century B.C., the early executions were barbaric and gut wrenching to view (BE #1). The Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon was the first known accepted capital punishment. It stated that twenty-five crimes were punishable by death. Centuries continued to pass, and more civilizations integrated the death penalty into their societies. In the Roman law of the Twelve Tablets almost every crime could be punishable by death. Countries dealt with capital punishment differently. The Romans chose to crucify, drown, assault, burn alive, and impale the offender as a way to punish them. These extensively painful ways of death were carried out regularly and without hesitation. Crimes could vary from capital crimes such as murder and rape to petty crimes such as theft and trespassing. Capital punishment started to spread throughout the world, and the British Monarchy adopted it…
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