Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

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"On behalf of the state of California the people have spoken , and your number has been chosen to be next in the execution chamber , so take a shower , eat a good meal , because the grim reaper has your name " -unknown. Nobody should ever have to hear these words. Especially coming from their own state the one that is supposed to protect their rights no matter what. Capital punishment should be abolished from the United States. The number one goal of the constitution is to protect the life of an individual and the death penalty passes by this. The death penalty is an easy way out of the crime, it is expensive, philosophers and even psychologists disagree with capital punishment and most important it is the denial of the rights of an individual. Capital punishment is an "easy way out" because a criminal gets killed yet nothing changes. As mentioned in the article "Death Penalty Cons"; "Logically an entire life in prison is a better punishment than a death penalty." This is true because they suffer more being in prison their whole life, than just a few seconds of pain when being killed. Many criminals prefer death penalty rather than life in prison because it is how they get away from suffering. Most of the time a terrorist 's objective is to die and kill, if they know that their punishment is death, they are not going to second guess their crime. Because they would be getting what they want. Crime has not deterred since capital punishment (Fact). Why keep on doing…
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