Capital Punishment Should Be Banned

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Capital punishment has been a part of the nation’s history as it dates back to the British North American colonies. Capital punishment was also used as a way to remove those prosecuted for being “witches” during the famous Salem Witch Trials. These days the use of the death penalty has become an anachronism. In recent times has capital punishment become a place for argument to those supporting and those opposing the death penalty. Capital punishment should be federally banned for its inconsistencies in proving to be a deterrent to crime for targeting people of color and for being unconstitutional. It has been thought that the death penalty would inevitably discourage people from committing felonious crimes, but this has proven to be just a thought. An article titled “The Death Penalty Is a Flawed Form of Punishment” by Brad Bushman claims inconsistencies between the death penalty and the reduction have been shown by statistics gathered from the FBI Unified Crime reports “… states with the death penalty have homicide rates 48-101% higher than states without the death penalty”. Locations that approve the death penalty have far greater numbers of homicides than those states that have banned the use of death as punishment. Bushman also argues “One reason why the death penalty might not deter criminals is that most murders are committed in a fit of rage, after an intense argument, when people rarely consider the consequences of their actions” (Bushman). Bushman argues that…
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