Capital Punishment Should Be Illegal

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Capital punishment is the planned taking of a legally convicted persons life. Convicted persons are put to death under certain guidelines; such as age, and the crime that was committed. Certain laws such as the “Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996” (Supreme Court Rulings), “New Terrorism Crimes and Penalties” (Death Penalty Statutes), and Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (Death Penalty Laws) ensure that only those who are convicted of either acts of terror, homicides, and other life endangering crimes are put to death. These laws and newer technologies reduce the fear that many opponents of the death penalty have, that being false conviction. Contrary to that fear, the chance of false conviction are few to none. Despite this, many still believe that the act of capital punishment should be illegal in all areas of the United States due to cost, and the questionable morality. However with recent data shown through court cases (Supreme Court Rulings), it has been shown to have a fluctuating cost dependent on the method of punishment (From the Statement), as well as causing a decrease of crime in what use to be high crime areas in the United States. Capital Punishment should remain legal as it has proven to be an effective way of deterring crime. Established death penalty laws have existed as far back as the Eighteenth Century with Hammurabi’s Code, and was a popular method of punishment in Britain in the early 10th century (History). This method of execution…
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