Capital Punishment Should Be Legal

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You are clothed in a bright orange jumpsuit with your arms and legs shackled with heavy chains, giving you no choice but to slowly shuffle down the hallway. There are 6 by 8 cement rooms with barred doors, cages, keeping a person in, and everyone else out. Hope left you decades ago, when they locked you away from the rest of the world. You know where you are heading, strapped to a bed with three hooded men pushing drugs into your body through IV bags, drugs that will kill you within minutes. Should this be legal, or should criminals have to live with their crimes? Capital punishment is the cause of many debates throughout the country. Some people believe that Capital Punishment should be allowed as it gives the victims families the closure they desperately require. Others, like myself, believe that those who do unspeakable crimes should have to live with that guilt in a 6-foot by 8-foot cement room. Also, the problem with Capital Punishment, is sentencing the wrong person to death. Mary Lynn Smith, a writer for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, tells us about Damon Thibodeaux, an almost-victim of Capital Punishment. Thibodeaux spent 16 years on Death Row for a murder he did not commit.
He was pressured into confessing due to a horrendous past of child abuse and guilt for not giving the murder victim a ride to the grocery store. One night in the summer of 1996, Thibodeaux spent the night with some relatives. The next morning he declined their daughter, Crystal
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