Capital Punishment Should Be Prohibited

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Capital punishment is a controversial topic and major social issue that has been debated for decades and it still remains up for debate based on the increase of gun violence in both Canada and the U.S. Specifically, capital punishment is when someone is punished to death for a violent crime they have committed. Capital punishment is not justifiable because the legal system needs to be seen as upholding the rights of all human beings, despite even the crimes committed. It is not up to officials to decide when the death of another human occurs. Therefore, capital punishment should be prohibited because the legal system needs to act as a role model for citizens, disallowing the murder or killing of any human being. In this essay, I will demonstrate that capital punishment should be prohibited because it could potentially kill innocent people, it promulgates killing even if it is lawful and it also causes the perpetrator’s family to suffer as well as the victim’s family because there are two losses of life. I will also discuss how the criminal justice system is still very discriminatory towards certain racialized groups and lower classes, another reason for why capital punishment should be abolished, as certain groups are given this sentence more than others. Finally, I will uncover the arguments of proponents of capital punishment, and then demonstrate why these arguments are not valid, based on the rebuttals of abolitionists.

Wrongful convictions are a reality and the death…
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