Capital Punishment Should Not Be Banned

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For many decades capital punishment has been a controversial debate on whether it should be used for convicted felons or not. Some believe it is the right way to finally have justice and end crime while, others believe it is inhumane and considered murder. Capital punishment, or the death penalty, is the process of ending one’s life through different execution methods. Capital punishment is a cruel and unusual way of ending someone’s life when they could be in prison for life. Capital punishment is expensive, does not decrease crime rates, and sometimes kills innocent people that have been convicted, while life without parole is a better alternative. Capital punishment is used throughout different parts of the world and has different types of execution methods. Capital punishment dates back as far as the Ancient laws of China, but the first recorded death sentence was supposedly reported in the sixteenth century. Decades ago, countries all around the world used different methods of torture and death sentencing such as crucifixion, beatings, stoning, and feeding humans to beasts. In today’s world, with more modernized technology, different countries have started to use more updated methods of executions. Besides the United States, China has been using the most updated execution method which is lethal injection. China, which has over a billion people, is known as the world’s most popular executioner. Legal scholar Liu Renwen states in the article “China revising capital
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