Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty

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This research paper focuses on capital punishment (also known as the death penalty) and the issues surrounding it. It involves death that is the termination of an individual’s existence. The paper portrays death penalty as a significant yet divisive issue in the United States, especially in a deliberate exercise of it. Various arguments concerning the subject are also precisely evaluated. Comparing both sides of the argument, I don’t tacitly agree with the practicing capital punishment and that justice is not upheld while exercising it. Only citizens are mandated to decide how to punish criminals so as to preserve the security of the community. The decision comes with the responsibility for determination of factors and processes of punishment as well. People who commit abhorrent crimes certainly need discipline that equals their wrongdoing. For justification purposes of both divides of this argument, it is best to involve innocence, deterrence, retribution, discrimination, reformation, incapacitation and brutalization effects as the subject matters. Determining a just reason to pick a side cannot be duly made without the respective subject matters. Americans can utilize varying standards when assessing both demerits and merits of capital punishment (Amsterdam, 1982). For example, fiscally minded people will major on the costs as a standard measure of whether to be for or against a death penalty. On the other hand, barbaric fashion of administration can be the…
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