Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment began in the mid-twentieth century and was intended for all crimes committed. Capital punishment is still practice in the United States in 38 states but used in today’s intent for more horrific crimes. Fourteen of the states have abolished capital punishment for many reasons from being unlawful to being inhumane.
Capital punishment also known as the death penalty is the act of inflicting death as a punishment. The death penalty is a huge and controversial topic in today’s society. There are different types of ways to execute a criminal for the death penalty. There is the electric chair, hanging, or the firing squad. They also had gas chamber but it was abolished in 1996 for cruel and unusual punishment. Some say that the punishments are cruel for the criminals but there is no way to truly know for the mere fact that we cannot as a person what they felt after their neck has been broken or if they feel the chemicals burn through their veins. Now think about an innocent person’s life being put through this. Would it still be human and tolerable to watch and know that capital punishment is risking taking an innocent person’s life? Or how much the cost it would be for one person to be on death row. Lastly capital punishment is not the way to deter crime rates. It can be understood why people may think this but with studies, it has been looked at differently. Capital punishment should be abolished in all fifty states because of high expenses, chances of
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