Capital Punishment and Life Without Parole Essay

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The first death sentence that has been historically recorded was as far back as 16th century BC. This occurred in Egypt, the wrongdoer was accused of magic and he was then ordered to take his own life. In present day the death penalty has changed drastically. The death penalty has undergone many changes since then. In medieval times the methods used to kill people were inhumane and often times cruel. In modern times the methods to kill people are much more humane. The death penalty has been used less and less often and even outlawed in some states. The death penalty should be used more often and for more crimes. If the death penalty was used more often there would be a deterrence for future crimes, it is more cost effective, and it would …show more content…

The more people in a prison the more money it takes for that prison to run. In 1995 it cost $49 billion dollars to run all of the prisons in all 50 states. Since 1995 there has been an increase in the amount of people incarcerated in prison. With this increase in prison population there is also an increase in the amount of money it costs to run prisons. The cost difference in an entire trial and prosecution of a death sentence and the entire trials and prosecution and life in prison of a LWOP sentence is immense. Dudley Sharp says in “Death Penalty and Sentencing Information” “Justice for all estimates that LWOP cases will cost $1.2 million - $3.6 million more than equivalent death penalty cases” (Sharp).
Additionally, we would live in an all-around safer country. The people of the country would feel safer as well as be safer. People would be safer in every way possible. The lack of violent crimes would create a physical safety. Without murderers, rapists, assailants, and other such brutal people there would be less need for self-defense, such as guns or other weapons. With less white collar crime people would be safer when it comes things such as having identities stolen or companies being embezzled. This would give people better financial security and less chance of having their life ruined by someone stealing their identity. It would give the economy a great boost as well.
On the other hand, some people disagree with the thought

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