Capital Punishment and Torture Essays

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Capital punishment is not a morally acceptable practice because the process has come to represent a form of torture in our modern society and therefore, should not be seen as an acceptable form of punishment for any criminal act. The goal of a punishment is to properly reprimand the criminal so justice is served in regard to the victim. This can be achieved without violating our moral standards through the use of punishments which sufficiently punish the offender while still doing right by the victim. Capital punishment may be the most just option of retribution when punishing a murderer, but it serves as an injustice to the persons who must carry out the duty and has also become a torturous experience for the offender. Cesare …show more content…
This cannot be maintained in all cases, as such with rape and torture. These crimes must be addressed with something which the punishment, even if it does not fit the crime exactly, matches it in respect to severity (Kant 145).
Kant holds the belief that “whoever has committed murder, must die... [for] there is no likeness or proportion between life, however painful, and death” (Kant 145). Saying this, Kant also acknowledges that “[the criminal’s] death, however, must be kept free from all maltreatment that would make the humanity suffering in his person or abominable” (Kant 145). This is an important point which needs to be explored and, in turn, establishes the second leg of the argument; punishments must remain within the moral boundaries established in the society. Jeffrey H. Reiman deliberates on this topic in his work Justice, Civilization, and the Death Penalty. Reiman begins with the supposition that the retributive theory is correct. The retributive theory, as previously established by Kant, supports justice through lex talionis and that the victim has a right to this justice, but does not explain to what extent this right should be exercised (Reiman 599). Reiman expresses “this is a separate moral question because strict
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