Capital Punishment in Canada Essay

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Capital punishment is crime's most dreaded consequence, death. Hanging was Canada's form of capital punishment up until 1976 when it was abolished. Webster's Dictionary defines capital punishments as: "The penalty of death for the commission of a crime." (Webster's, 1994, 43). The chance of capital punishment being reinstated in Canada has been very slim up until now. Recently the Canadian Alliance Party has put forth efforts to reinstate it, which has put the controversial topic back up for debate. This has divided many Canadians concerning their beliefs. Capital punishment should never be reinstated in Canada as it is a barbaric practice that is unjust. This essay will clearly demonstrate that reinstating capital punishment …show more content…
In addition, capital punishment vetos section 12 of the Charter which protects everyone from cruel and unusual punishment. Capital punishment is unusual because it isn't exercised for many crimes in the criminal code, as it was only used for murders of police and prison guards. Capital punishment is also cruel. The United Nations believes Capital Punishment is a "form of cruelty and inhumanity unworthy of a civilization which claims to be humane; doctors report that even the most efficient methods do not result in instantaneous and painless death." (UN-Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 1962, 61). Capital punishment is both cruel and unusual and thus violates section 12 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which states: "Everyone has the right not to be subjected to cruel and unusual treatment or punishment." (Gibson and Murphy, 1990, 55).

By taking the life of a criminal, the Bill of Rights would be unlawfully vetoed as well, and therefore the Bill would be useless if it has no validity. The Bill guarantees everyone the right to life from the moment they are born and at no circumstances can this right be taken away. If Canada were to reinstate capital punishment it would result in the
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