Capital Punishment is State Sanctioned Murder

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Capital Punishment is State Sanctioned Murder     Capital punishment is state sanctioned, premeditated murder.  It is morally, ethically, and socially wrong.   Murder is the intentional killing of one person by another.  Capital punishment does just that.  It takes the life of one person and uses another, "the executioner," to do it.  In the state of Indiana, the warden of the state prison acts as "the executioner."  The killing takes place before the hour of sunrise on a fixed day.  The warden, "executioner," flips a switch that sends electrical current into the body of the convicted prisoner, thus ending the prisoner's life.  What happens during the execution is one…show more content…
  Capital punishment does not consider the offender's need for rehabilitation.  The death of the condemned person cannot and never will bring back the loss of the victim.  Instead it causes pain to a whole new set of victims.  These victims are somehow forgotten by society.  Every other Thursday I visit a man currently on death row.  He has a beautiful 2 1/2 year old little boy.  When I pick his little boy up to go see his "daddy" his blue eyes are sparkling with excitement and anticipation.  How do you tell this little boy that his father is about to be killed in an electric chair?  How do you comfort a mother as she sits weeping in the moments before her son's execution?  How, I wonder, do these people feel about the justice that is being served?  In my involvement with offenders on death row, I see the pain of their families as they
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