Capital State Arena Essay

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Read Case 9: Capital State Arena in the text (pg. 473-475). In a three- to four-page paper, excluding the title and reference pages, provide a brief summary of the case and main points, and address the following prompts, using qualitative and quantitative data where necessary to provide support. • You are the purchasing agent for CSU. Your manager has asked you to design evaluation criteria for purchase of the new lighting system. Develop a supplier selection and evaluation model for this purchasing decision. Justify the reasoning for your response. • Part of your role in selecting the lighting system will be to satisfy the needs of the university purchasing team and the end users. Develop a university purchasing team/ end…show more content…
Although there periodically has been renovation to St. Patrick Arena, a theatrical lighting system has never been implemented. NEED RECOGNITION There is a need for a lighting console for the new facility. A professional theatrical lighting system was specified by the planning committee. Having the ability to conveniently adjust the lights to accommodate different events and different moods during events is a strong competitive weapon for selling the arena during the off-season. This type of lighting adjustment is driven by a computer-controlled console. The most current technology was specified; the system will be leased out at a rate of $2,000 per day plus operator expenses. AVAILABLE PRODUCTS The process began when the purchasing department received the requisition. Two suppliers were contacted via telephone: CAE, manufacturer of Leprecon LP-3000, and Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC), manufacturer of ETC Obsession II. A re- view of the trade journal Lighting Dimensions was used to search for other sources. The review uncovered a third possible supplier: Strand, manufacturer of the Strand 520. A search of the World Wide Web provided additional information on the three console choices. The Web pages also provided dealer network information, a war- ranty repair station list, and specification information for each console. CONSOLE FEATURES The three consoles had many similar features. The glossy product sheets
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