Capital of Southern state of Karnataka

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Capital of Southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore is Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city. The city today is getting popular though for a very many reasons and variety of Beans-JavaBeans. Yes, that’s how the name came through a legend and got the name 'a place of baked beans' (Benda Kalu Ooro). The garden city is home to some of the growing high tech industries in India. It has become the 'byte-basket' of India and home to some of India's premier scientific establishments. The city also offers music, dance, dramas, carnivals, shopping fun and more. Blessed with pleasant climate, parks, lakes, gardens, architectural landmarks, pubs, malls and restaurants in this part of the planet, Bangalore is the ideal getaway to India and beyond.…show more content…
Mantri Mall, UB City and Garuda Mall are among the best malls to get your shopping bags full. #Places to Eat Bangalore being an IT hub caters to people from every part of the globe, offering best in everything, even in their cuisine. Be it Mediterranean, Italian, European, Seafood, Japanese or Indian, one can enjoy the finest and freshest of the products prepared by trained hands. Fava and Olive Beach are amazing restaurants offering the best of Mediterranean delights with its classy delight. Feast on the large plates of fish kebabs, mezze, zatar sausages, pizzas, cocktail desserts and much more. Koshy's Bar & Restaurant serves streaming coffee, fish & chips, mugs of beer and the tables are full of hot topics. Italian and European food fanatics can find their way to Sunny's and Caperberry to explore what makes their pizzas so soft and melting. On the other hand Caperbarry specializes mostly in Spanish food including lamb chops and squid rings. #Places to Shop Bangalore is hi-tech as well as the most vibrant of the India metropolitan cities. It boasts of mix of traditional and cosmopolitan culture. The city is dotted with huge departmental stores, shopping arcades, new malls where you can buy attires, apparels, footwear, traditional silk and sandal wood, traditional silk making it a true shopper's paradise. Apart from the traditional sandalwood and silk, handicrafts, antiques, ivory carvings and high-end goods are available in the city. The popular
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