Capitalism : A Dominant Marxist View On Capitalism

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Capitalism is an unequivocal system that is characterised by market dependence and entails the preconditions of profit-maximisation and competition as a foundation. Where and when capitalism originated from would very much depend on the definition of capitalism used, as different definitions would bring about different histories. This essay will touch upon two, out of many, approaches to the historical origins or capitalism, the Agrarian origin as well as the mergence of capitalism in the Mediterranean with relation to Islam.

With the first approach, it will discuss the Agrarian origins of capitalism, and how the collapse of feudalism led to the emergence of competition between classes as the driver for economic activities, and thus the eventual emergence of capitalism. This dominant Marxist view on capitalism is strongly rooted in social relations and defines and focuses on production and class. This implies that the real driver behind development was class struggle.

As early as the 11th Century, England was extremely, effectively unified, unlike the rest of Europe. This greatly eliminated the fragmentation of the state and expedited the increasing concentration of power in central state. This gave rise to the introduction and building of infrastructure in England, such as a remarkable network of roads and water transport. This significant political factor was far-reaching as an undivided state meant that resources, such as time, could be focused on improving the
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