Capitalism And Capitalism Essay

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Capitalism is a system where the sole goal is for private owners to gain profit. In the 1930s’ Dust Bowl, private owners, such as farm owners did not pay laborers enough money. In addition, minimum wage laws did not begin until 1938. Wages dropped so low because of the contradicting owner and laborer goals. Moreover, the stock market crash caused demand to drop and jobs to disappear. Overproduction also contributed to elimination of jobs. The wage gap between the wealthy and poverty further increased over time. Despite, the huge elimination of many jobs during the stock market crash, the changing seasons created some cotton and fruit picking jobs because certain plants are ripe for a certain period. However, laborers had to travel to other states or even countries to look for jobs only to face ostracization from the natives. In pursuit of capitalistic goals, the government promoted harmful DDT chemicals and nuclear weapons to keep the chemical and weapons industry alive. Many laborers do not have enough money to support their family. The goal of the owner contradicts the goals of the laborer because the owner desires the maximum amount of labor with the minimum amount of pay, but the laborer desires the maximum amount of pay with the minimum amount of labor. Hence, capitalism paves the way for employers to control laborers. The stock market crash in 1929 contributed to many people going into debt because people believed they could pay off their debts from stock profits. The overuse of the farm soil created drought and dust storms that eliminated crops. Moreover, because people could easily obtain credit, manufacturers overproduced products, assuming the increased demand would be long-lasting. Eventually, demand drastically decreased because everyone already had a copy of the product, such as an oven. As a result, manufacturers decreased the price of products and wages and fired workers, which means drastically low demand. The more crops farmers grew, the more demand decreased because in WWI many soldiers had to eat more, but after demand plummeted. The errors committed by past manufacturers reflect that modern manufacturers should not expand their inventory too much when there is not enough demand.

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