Capitalism And Capitalism

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Capitalism is Soul Destroying In sociology, there are many authors, critics, sociologists, and philosophers that allow sociologists to understand society and its functions. Karl Marx is a famous critic of capitalism, who focused on society in terms of production of goods and economy. Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nations, he is known as the father of capitalism, and for his views of political economy. Alexis de Tocqueville wrote Democracy in America, he focused on the democratic system in America. All three of them have their own respective opinions on society in regard to capitalism. Marx believes that “Capitalism is soul destroying. The only way forward is revolution!” because of his critique on capitalism and how it exploits the working class, the proletariat. According to Merriam-Webster (2017), soul can be defined as the spiritual, immortal aspect of a human being. Smith would disagree with Marx because he believes that capitalism is fair and protects both the people and the economy whereas Tocqueville would agree with Marx because capitalism prevents individuals in such society to be creative, have freedom and are exploited by the higher class of their wages and talents. Marx thinks that revolution is the solution to overthrowing capitalism or moving forward in society. Economy is producing goods and exchanging products. To Marx, capitalism is the exchange of goods, money, labour, means of production whether between or by consumers, workers, owners, etc. He defined

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