Capitalism And Capitalism

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Capitalism and Exploitation are two terms that people generally use together to make a point. Capitalism is a system in which a country’s trade and industry is controlled by private owners for profit. Exploitation is the actions of treating a person unfairly so that you could benefit from it. In the “Working Day” section from Capitalist, Marx explains what he means by exploitation and whether it is connected to capitalism. One of Marx’s arguments is capitalism cannot be separated from exploitation. I agree with that argument because in my eyes it is tough to consider one without the other. In this essay, I will explain what Marx mean when stating that and I will compare his arguments to John Locke’s. They both speak on some of the same…show more content…
Marx also defines how the bourgeoisie class is the ones being exploited because they are the working class. One of the arguments Marx makes is, “the bourgeoisie has through its exploitation of the world-market given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country (Marx, 476).” This quote is a clear example of how capitalism cannot not be separated from exploitation. I think that although there were limits imposed by reform legislation Marx still believe that exploitation can not be overcome under capitalism. I feel like he wants to get the point across about how important the two are and how they connect in the way they do. In the “Working Day” you see how the limits of the work day are listed and the many reasons why they are listed. Basically, the author is trying to show us on page 361, that no matter how much of the surplus value is, there is sill no comparison to the limit of the working day. Another thing that supports Marx’s argument on exploitation not being able to overcome under capitalism is a quote from the “Working Day which the author states, “The capitalist then takes his stand on the law of the exchange of commodities. He, like all other buyers, seeks to get the greatest possible benefit out of the use-value of his commodity (Marx, 363).” This quote explains how exploitation is being used under capitalism because the

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