Capitalism And Capitalization

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War is inherent in the development of capitalism- as well as a decisive phenomenon in the transformation of the history of humanity in its different stages: from the accumulation originating, going through the industrial revolution and the imperialist period, until now, in the era of globalization, and their interactions are multiple and varied.
At present, these have been reinforced under the apothegm of “politics as prolongation of the war”, unlike “the war as an extension of the politics”, since it is a society sustained in that one.
As a starting point, it can be affirmed that the wars allowed to sit the basis for the construction of capitalism around the world, because they pushed the shaping of the world market subjecting all peoples to the dictation of the industrial capital cycle. However, the wars of civilization continue until the present: “primitive accumulation permanent”, so that the armament is fundamental to reproduce this production mode, or rather, destruction.
Understanding the above is essential when today the forces productive have been disrupted in forces of destruction from its contradiction with the social relations of production: while this reality shows the economic (the rate of profit) and sociocultural borders (individualism, patriotism) of modern society, also enables the expansion of relations based on monopoly. Therefore, in these circumstances, it is essential to fuel war and armament as engines of capitalist progress, which
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