Capitalism And Colonialism’S Links As Pillars Of White

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Capitalism and colonialism’s links as pillars of white supremacy contribute to the racial exclusion and exploitation of certain racial groups, such as Native Americans and Black people. This can be seen through the timeline of North American history, but also farther back in the history of European settler colonialism throughout Europe and into other nearby continents. The methods of decolonization employed by various racial groups affected by colonialism interact with one another in various ways, as each group was affected differently, yet they were affected by the same instigating group of white settlers. It is important when these groups make the move to decolonize themselves to consider other groups outside their own, as interactions…show more content…
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz covers much of this in her book Indigenous People’s History of the US, where she goes over many historical events contributing to the genocide, exploitation, and exclusion of Native Americans. In the beginnings of white colonial interaction with indigenous people, settlers used native peoples as sources of knowledge on how to live off unfamiliar land:
“They appropriated what had already been created by Indigenous civilizations. They stole already cultivated farmland and the… crops domesticated over centuries, took control of the deer parks that had been cleared and maintained by Indigenous communities, used existing roads and water routes in order to move armies to conquer, and relied on captured Indigenous people to identify the locations of water, oyster beds, and medicinal herbs (Dunbar-Ortiz 46).” Without Native Americans, Dunbar-Ortiz argues, the European settlers would likely have not survived in the New World at all, for “had North America been a wilderness, undeveloped, without roads, and uncultivated, it might still be so, for the European colonists could not have survived (46).” This is only the beginning of settler exploitation of Native Americans, though, as settler-colonialism later changes its stance of racialized logic to that of exclusion, leading to mass genocide and appropriation of indigenous land. Once the
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