Capitalism As A Social Problem

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Capitalism is a word that was essentially created by Karl Marx who founded Communism. This economic system includes a self-regulating market. Capitalism can be defined as “an economic and political system in which a country 's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state” (Oxford Dictionary). In a Capitalist society, the people own resources of main production, however, a lot of the people do not. For an individual to prosper in this type of economic system you either have to supply your own resources or sell an individual’s self to work for a salary. Some people can even get by with just receiving benefits from this system. This issue is defined as a “social problem” because it divides society…show more content…
What is coupled with the two classes that are described is the main key to understanding capitalism. Capitalism is constructed on a process in which money is funded to result in more money. In the United States of America, Capitalism is the central and most important main factor that our economic system is based off of. Capitalism has been a problem in the United States sense the first ideas of it even arose. However, businesses prospers from day to day through this sense of a free enterprise economy. People in this type of society try to make as much money, get as much profit, and even try to be able to obtain the highest goals that they want before their job or occupation is officially over with. In the United States, we see this kind of action in our day to day lives every day. Individuals go to work, go to school, sell production and just repeat the same thing over and over again to try and achieve the highest status quo. Businesses are huge with banking on this free enterprise economy called Capitalism by selling their produces and giving service with little or even no government involvement. So the question is, is Capitalism a good thing or bad thing for America? Statistics show that time and time again the market collapses and the government has to step in with helping Capitalism stay within the United States, thus it ends up never actually being the perfect Capitalistic society it tries to portray. In another recent study it shows that “only 11% people
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