Capitalism In America

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Capitalism is essentially the economic system in which private owners are able to control industry, rather than the government. This system fundamentally drives American society and what makes America particularly attractive to foreigners especially. In a capitalist society, class is not solely based on birthright, but one has the ability to change his/her class based on income. Ideally, the more income a person has, the more freedom and power this person is able to exercise. However, business moguls and government have been known to exploit this fundamental feature of market economy and use it to their advantage by harboring money (power). But before I put on my tin foil hat and start spewing on about the government, allow me to ask this question: “Where does this system come from?” I believe in order understand the oppressive issues of this system, it’s crucial to understand the conditions that formulated it. It’s safe to say that American government is a descendent of English government. The colonies along the east coast of North America were settled by mostly English settlers in the 17th and 18th centuries. As the English travelled across the Atlantic Ocean, they not only extended the rule of the English monarchy but also transported their cultural heritage as well. Subsequently, the colonists revolted against English monarch, King George III, during the American Revolutionary War in the late 18th century. Simply put, colonists felt devalued and exploited by the English
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