Capitalism Is Not Only Brings Out The Worst

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Capitalism is, tautologically, private ownership over the means of production. On face, the notion of a capitalistic society epitomizes the essence of freedom; ownership entails control, power, and potential for bargaining. I contend, however, that a holistic analysis of the capitalist institution exposes the foreground as an ugly facade. In short, I will show that capitalism not only brings out the worst in people, but also, sustains a pathological cycle of violence. I will first provide a framework discussion of my analysis, summarize the hypocrisies and development of capitalism, and then demonstrate the horrific result of value-driven trade.
Through the Looking Glass
In order to discuss the modes of violence inherent in any symbolic order, a discussion of violence must precede its effects. It is easy to observe what I will call ‘subjective’ violence; however, doing so taints an ‘objective’ assessment. By subjective violence, I mean acts that we can describe as breaking the status quo or utterly unacceptable; spewing a spit ball, punching a friend, engaging in armed conflict, and so on. Objective violence is the status quo, or systemic acts maintaining the existing order; profit schemes enabling the last recession, government institutions that motivate resistance, etc. For the sake of brevity, I only wish to note that I am conceptualizing the notion of violence in an operative sense, as, I believe, it is the only way to provide an effective critique of
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