Capitalism Racism And Patriarchy

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Capitalism, Racism, and Patriarchy
A specific targeted attack is needed to dismantle systems of oppression (RACE CLASS AND GENDER)

Marxism alone cannot adequately address inequalities of race and gender because it ignores the historical impacts of race and gender

As such critical problems will persist

Patriarchy is not just a superstructure

It is an independent oppressive system which must also be dismantled before true revolution can occur

Patriarchal norms will persist in the home (home is a reflection of society)

Marxist revolution alone is not sufficient for gender and race equality

Patriarchy and Capitalism and Racism all oppress women as allied but independent systems

Therefore the revolution that Marx envisioned, a society
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All the services provided for women are disproportionately provided by women for example childcare services and even after a revolution they are likely to stay the same since Marxist theory ignores how these systems have manifested : occupational segregation for example.

Even if laws are created to address these systems it will be difficult to enforce them within a society that has been conditioned by these racist and patriarchal beliefs and as such will most likely fail to have any meaningful impact
Culturally women are just assumed to take on domestic duties. That the majority of childcare, nursing, housekeeping are still predominately occupied by women only serves to highlight the cultural significance of patriarchy which Marxism ignores.

Even under Marxism this suggests that society would be hesitant to abandon the traditional role of women as the homemaker and therefore ignore how this dynamic would result in women being subjected to a disproportionate burden within society. A true revolution would to address these inconsistencies of burden and benefit, which Marxism inherently ignores.

As such Marxism fails to address racist and patriarchal institutions which on the surface appear
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