Capitalism, Racism, Exploitation, And War

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Capitalism, I assert is a domineering worldwide system that has allowed for the cultivation of racism, exploitation and war to exceed through the economic and ideologies of capitalism. The emergence is compassed through relations and mode of production and projected onto the superstructures of politics and constructing mental production for accomplishing the aims of the system. The accomplishment comes at ease through globalisation to expand ideas of labour theory value and division of labour and hence allows for the firm grip on granting generations of exploitation, war and racism.

Political-economist like Adam Smith and Karl Marx have investigated the capitalist system and both have demonstrated the links to exploitation, racism and
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For Marx he states “From each according to his ability,to each according to his need” is conceptually related to the concept of a division of labour allows for specialisation as an intrinsic part of the economic system and the concept is associated with the capitalist system. For Smith categorising individual skills is the greatest potential for economic growth and he is interested in a free economic system.

With this categorisation of states and individuals there is a silent rupture of racism,and the categorisation is placed through into the economic system. 'Third world countries are not poor because they have lagged behind the transformation or the enlightenment values of the European state. Its due to the colonial expansion, countries were integrated into European economic system as producers of raw materials and serve as cheap labourers ' and through the tools of power and globalisation it is still continued. The power during colonialism was the weapons that forced large populations to adapt a new way of life depicting western culture and values and yet is still placed at the bottom of the societal pyramid. The idea of degrading positions in the social economic system has developed throughout the world and is reflected in state apparatus structures and the global capitalist structure by making racism a by product. Even in western nations certain historical skills are associated with the race and creates hierarchy, so for instance the
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