Capitalism Versus Communism

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Some may argue that capitalism is a cruel economic system that has been known for the corruption, exploitation of poor people and where greed overcomes anything good. However, the majority will agree that capitalist system is best system in the world of economics. It drives people to do better, as the certain amount of effort will bring the same level of result. There are examples in the history where individual’s wealth was affected by the corporate greed, but with the government regulations history will not repeat itself the same way. Capitalism is all about choices and these choices are made based on the amount of economic benefit we receive at the end of the trade. The connection between the right to own property and the individual…show more content…
However, sometimes the outcome may differ dramatically from the government expectations and government finds itself more involved regulating more than it needs too, or one industry receives more benefits than another. Certain business groups appeal to government for preferential treatment and increased profitability, or calling for government for certain action that will benefit these business groups. The government role in free markets should be limited, with main responsibility to protect the people. The legislative part of the government should represent people’s concerns and needs versus making decisions for the people and plan people’s future. The government and its representatives should not be allowed to impose their goals, dreams and vision over society as it is against our individual liberty (Ebeling p.607). In the free market system all the businesses operate to attract the customer as it is customer’s choice where to shop and who’s product to buy. As soon as business and its products do not appeal to the customer, the business may come to the end of its existence. There are other reasons for financial problems for big and small businesses alike. The financial downturn; it affects consumers and businesses. Perhaps the business could sustain the competition or could not appeal to the consumer, the natural business process should take place and the strongest companies will survive. Government should
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