Capitalism Vs Capitalism

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Capitalism is a system based on freedom, based on individual autonomy and rights .it is essentially the economic result of a free market. Marx explains capitalism as a means of production based on private ownership and no government interference. For capitalism to be successful, prices of goods have to be competitive or lower than the market value, and sources of labor have to be completely saturated to its carcass. Capitalism distinguishes itself from the feudal and the modern systems in that its exploitation is more transparent. The exploitation of previous systems was hidden behind religion, morality, and sentiments, whilst capitalism is maintained purely on money and naked self –interest.
Over the past decade, the United States has arguably moved to a more capitalist economy, where all property, goods, and services are owned by private individuals. Prices of commodity and labor are allowed to fluctuate based on the forces of supply and demand, and industries are allowed to function and thrive independent of government restrictions or interventions. (Ross, 2017). However, their adoption of a capitalist economy is one which domination, vertical and horizontal monopoly triumphs.
Capitalism in the United States has gradually transformed. It has become an economy where domination, vertical and horizontal monopoly triumphs. The economy is not only now intertwined with other aspects of society but sets the stage on the direction the nation should go. The free market

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