Capitalism Vs Capitalism

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In the modern era, all people have subconsciously accepted “money slavery” because of the media and environmental influences. Society at large has accepted that the rich people get wealthier, the poor people get poorer, and brutality and ruthlessness are a “normal” part of the world. Also, in the social class structure in a capitalist system, that everyone should have freedom, human rights, choice, and equality in the society. However, the capitalist class must constantly be in search of greater and greater profits; therefore, they will always tend to reduce the wages of their workers. The capitalism system of private ownership can satisfy the individual ego and identity needs of its participants. In social perspective, some families living in poverty-level wages and in the capitalist social class system, the poverty is often overlook in the society.
In “Pointing to trends such as the growing competitiveness of foreign workers and the education gap between rich and poor” (Glazer 346), the foreign workers, have education and language problems. Therefore, they don’t get reasonable remuneration in the society. The owners believe that they are paying decent wages for the worker and that they are creating job opportunities for the workers as well. Obviously, from the perspective of the capitalist, the poor families should be satisfied because they have a career and money, but the wages the poverty families amount to little to meet that their basic needs. Yet, the poor families
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