Capitalistism And Capitalism

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Climate change is the most pressing issue humanity faces today, in the 21st century. Global climate change is the single most serious issue as well as the most difficult to deal with. While citizens continue to debate whether climate change is real, the effects of it, and how drastic it is, scientists almost unanimously agree that the climate is changing and we must do something to counteract this change. The consensus amongst scientist is the current ways we are living are not sustainable. This paper aims to take a closer look at capitalism as an economic structure and how countries that follow a capitalistic model interact with the environment. A key question I want to raise is this a sustainable model consider the state of the environment. I will examine how capitalistic structures impact cultural and individual behavior, preferences, mindset, and properties. To show how, in turn these affect and interact with the environment. I argue that following a system such as capitalism creates a mindset and set priorities in a way that is not sustainable. The evidence of climate change is becoming overwhelming clear, along with the evidence that it is human induced. Common attempts to debunk climate change and humans causing it have been disproven. These attempts include but are not limited to: Tectonic processes, orbital variations, volcanoes, and solar variability (Dressler and Parsons, 2006). In their writing, Parsons and Dressler prove each of these to not be reasons of

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