Capitol Punishment

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Unit 7 Project on capitol punishment Picture this, you are laying there in bed sleeping a peaceful sleep on what, at first glance , seems like just another night of pleasant slumber. All of a sudden though you wake up with a strange feeling of something is not right. You roll over to ask your wife if she was alright to realize that she is gone. You sit up frantically to see where she has gone only to realize she is standing in the doorway, but she is not alone. In fact she is being held by some stranger with a knife to her throat. The stranger tells you to stay where you are at or she will not live to see another day. Before you can even say a word he decides to cut her anyways and run off into the night leaving your beloved dead in the…show more content…
This very movement being left so vague left a future generation with arguments of what exactly is to be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
By the first half of the nineteenth century The use of capital punishment had actually decreased and the American capital punishment debate boiled down to two ways of seeing the world and the war between those two ways (Random history, 2013). On one side of the debate the people seemed to have sympathy for the criminals, while the other side of the debate said made it impossible to see the larger picture (Random history, 2013) . The other side saw the larger picture but not the individual human beings that made it up. By this time prisons had become a very popular form of punishment and were widely used to punish criminals (Random history, 2013). Prisons were seen more and more as able to provide tailored punishment to convicts, offering probation and other rehabilitative programs and because of this many in society believed it to be a better alternative to killing a criminal (Random history, 2013). This seemed to be a big changing point in the nature of capital punishment because it was then taken off the streets, from the publics eyes, and began to be administered in prisons. It is when this happened that many people believed that capital punishment lost much of its influence over crime(Random history, 2013) . This started what some believe to be big changes in capital punishment and how it is
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