Capsim Intended Strategy

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To: J.P. Wilkins, President
Date: [ 05/11/2013 ]
Re: Proposed Direction of the Company

I am writing this memo as a member of the Andrews management team to notify you of the developments made on a preliminary business strategy that we are anticipating to be both successful and exciting. The sensor industry has experienced increasing product demand recently, as well as a universal desire for smaller and faster sensors in both the low and high tech market segments. Through the conduction of an external analysis, we have identified five major competitors within this industry, all sharing a similar control of suppliers and buyers to our company. The main goal of our strategy is to gain an advantage
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Our five major competitors within the sensor market pose threats to our business strategy; however since each competing company has a similar starting point to our company it is difficult to identify the intended strategy of these competitors at the present time. Consistent monitoring of the strategic planning of our competition will allow us to adjust our approach to gain a competitive advantage if necessary.

Intended Strategy

The Andrews management team has opted to pursue the strategy of differentiator with a product life cycle focus. This strategy involves the creation of products with excellent design in terms of size and performance (on the perceptual map), and MTBF. Significant investment in awareness and accessibility, and development of proficiency in the research and development sector is also central to this business strategy. In order to compensate for these high initial investments, our product prices will be relatively high; however it is believed that our customers will be drawn to our product due to high awareness and due to the superior quality of our sensors. Our released products will need to be manipulated according to the changes in expectations of the marketplace by producing smaller and faster products, according to the expected ideal size and performance of the sensors in future years. In addition, our company must invest in other important activities such as; total quality management (TQM), marketing, and human resources (HR) in order to

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