Capsim Porter's Five Forces

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Assuredly, our business will be offering some specialty product and service. Our competitive strategy is differential. We are different from other companies because we are specializing in an online service that other companies don’t have. Companies like Pbteen and Dormco are very limited on their service because they only provide a certain amount of diagrams. Our company provides the actual size/diagram of the room in which the students are living in. Additionally, our company’s product/service that we are providing is different from your competitors because no other company offers all college students a kit that provides all the essentials at a special discounted price. Furthermore, our business will act against each of the Michael Porter’s five forces by offering a variety of products and services.…show more content…
People are using the websites to order their desired products so information systems is very important. Without it, our business would not be able to run smoothly or
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