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Mkt 350 In a classroom far, far away, four people were thrust into a group. Their goal was to succeed in the game known as Capsim. They called themselves Digby 2. This is the real life story of their friendship, challenges, and accomplishments as they worked their way to the top of the game. On a more serious note, our group took Capsim very seriously. In the beginning we were all confused as to how the game worked and where to begin. We looked at the various tutorials and the booklet to try and make some sense of it. Once we had some understanding, we tried to develop our strategy. In the first few rounds we understood it was important to have our company funded through stocks and long term debt. We issued stock the first…show more content…
Other than this, we didn't really have any problems with the game or with our group members. Along with capacity, we also made it a focus to limit the amount of overtime and second shift workers. This kept our costs down and our profit margin wider. We paid attention to our inventory on hand and made sure to not schedule more production than was needed. Towards the later rounds, we really seemed to grasp the idea of the game, which can be seen in our large increase in profitability. In the Finance portion, we borrowed money in the first five weeks to pay off our current debt. As the game got into the later rounds we began paying off our current and long term debt because our profits were increasing at a higher rate. Overall, we believe that our group had a decent understanding of the concepts as we finished with high market share and profits. Our group took time to meet every week to discuss our strategy for Capsim. We met on Mondays, usually for an hour or so to discuss the task at hand. We also met on Wednesdays if there was doubt in our decisions from Monday or if one of our group members could not make it. Our group chose to discuss the game as a whole, rather than sectioning it up to make sure that everyone was on the same page. We didn't have any conflicts in our decisions and actually got along very well. Overall as a group we thought Capsim had its advantages and disadvantages. We did learn a lot about the

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